The Thoughtful Christmas Gift Guide for the Whole Family!

November 8, 2019

*The gifted items featured have been carefully sourced by myself for this gift guide. I have marked gifted items with a *for easy reference.
The season is upon us once again, the excitement is starting to build and I can’t wait for the slight gloom of the dark nights to be replaced by the wonderful twinkly festive lights of Christmas.  We really do like keeping our gifts simple yet thoughtful and so I wanted to share this gift guide full of ideas how to keep present buying simple yet thoughtful with personal presents that capture a memory or that the whole family can talk over.  I am also looking to seek more sustainable Christmas gifts as I’m so conscious that this is also the season where the most waste is produced.  So look out for a few eco-friendly gift ideas throughout the post.  As for the children’s gift ideas I have chosen to include a selection of small to medium presents as well as some stocking filler ideas.

Thoughtful Presents for Him and Her

Sparks and Daughters 

photo hoop of a Daddy, son and baby
*A gift for him or her – Sparks and Daughters is a family run company and they have some really lovely gift ideas from clothing to homeware. If you’re looking for a personalised gift for any age they really do have something for everyone.

This photo hoop is a really different way to gift someone a photo memory this year.  Our photo hoop picture was taken in a haze of newborness and really captured the delight when our son Teddy met his new little sister. I think that at £15 these make a really reasonable and thoughtful gift for a friend or family member.

Louiza Elizabeth

framed map of the world

*What do you buy the person who has everything? Louiza has come to the rescue and has grown a successful business producing these delightful bespoke hand-illustrated pin maps.  Her current range offers framed prints of  world maps, as well as individual continents, some countries and god’s own county Yorkshire!framed map with pins in

Louiza Elizabeth offers either white or black maps, it was really hard to choose.  We tailored our map around our transient military home life, where TeamStein Daddy is travelling with work, our dream adventures , family favourite places we’ve been and also a pin to show the kid where far flung family live. We have had lots of conversations already with the children about lots of the different coloured pinned locations on the map and so it’s really captured their imaginations as well. Teddy asked to visit Dubai and Hawaii!    I could easily think of several family and friends who would absolutely love to be gifted a Louiza Elizabeth map for memories and adventures to come.

Eco Mind

bamboo cleansing pads with cardboard packaging
*A present for her- I have enjoyed recently finding more eco friendly beauty products.  These eco mind bamboo cleansing pads are plastic free, non toxic, cruelty free, vegan, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, sustainable and chemical free. This handy pot comes with 16 organic bamboo reusable cleansing pads of which are super soft and come in a very handy 100% cotton drawstring laundry bag so you can wash and re-use the pads over and over again.  By gifting this ethical beauty product, you will help make tiny changes to our planet.  Do follow their eco adventure over on instagram 

a pamper hamper of beauty eco products


*A gift or her – Another eco-friendly gift option.  Either a subscription or a one off gift box would be the perfect pamper present for a Mum to be or Mum of a baby/ toddler.  Tailor-made for you and your little one, you won’t be disappointed. See my full review here 

Thoughtful Presents for Kids 

Craft Kits 

My kids absolutely love a good craft kit and we often bring them out of the cupboard on a rainy day.  I find that by having an actual kit, it helps inspire my kids to get arty as it’s all there with the instructions enabling them to be more independent.   Here I have included several craft kits, as crafting is always popular and keeps them entertained that bit longer!

Get crafty with HelloBeeBox

craft boxes all wrapped in brown packaging
*You can see that Yorkshire based Mums Rachel and Laura have really designed their HelloBeeBoxes around knowing what parents and children really want for creative activities. Perfect for busy parents who haven’t got the time to source lots of arts and crafts from different shops.

dinosaur magnet and paints
What I like about BeeBox is they cater for boys as well, often you come across craft kits that are aimed at girls, so this is really good to see.  Teddy and Daisy will both enjoy sitting at the table working away on their projects side by side.   a craft box contents
The quality of the craft contents is clear to see, from the good quality paint in the magnet sets to the beautiful variety of buttons in the design a canvas kit.  Daisy will be itching to get her hands on the canvas as she loves a good button collection and always raids Grandmas buttons!
a canvas and buttons
I again love that there are sewing kits that will also appeal to Teddy as well, as he has expressed an interest in learning to sew, so this sew an alien craft box will be perfect for him.  I also can ever seem to find a children’s needle in the shops, so I was pleased to see that the needle is included as well.  HelloBeeBox have taken care of it all, so all you have to do is pop that pvc table cloth down and let them get crafty over Christmas and beyond.  Also for any Birthdays coming up the crafty bags would make perfect party favours. You can also find HelloBeeBox over on instagram, so please do give them a follow!  

Fab Lab Tie Dye Luxury Kit 

tye die kids craft kit
*This craft kit for older children pitched at tweens is a perfect kit to keep them entertained and creative.  This kit gives them a twist on designing clothes and accessories with a tie dye look.  With easy to use instructions,  I know that Daisy would love to do this for an activity on a play date.

Face Paintoos 

kids face painting kit
*One for younger ones having play dates and parties.  this would make a Christmas gathering more fun for little ones by putting the magic of face painting into an easy activity for Children and parents.  Very fun, quick and simple to apply these cute face tattoos, designed by a face painting professional.  You can also choose from a wild, magical or pet pack design. I’m not great at face painting so this will give me good Mummy points!


*This product really caught my eye as being perfect for our teenager Finlay. He is at an age now where he really can learn some valuable lessons on money.   It will be really good for him to learn how to handle his own money properly.  The moneybox is split into three parts and encourages children to allocate their money between each of the save, spend and share sections.   The three sections can be taken apart and used separately, or fit neatly together again with a band provided. Made from tin and acrylic, the design of the moneybox makes it easy for children to use.  I think this moneybox will spark some really interesting conversations about money amongst the children and hopefully they will gain more of an insight on how to save and share some pennies at the same time as spending them!


With a house full of toys from 4 children and in an age where they want for little.  We are starting to look at doing experiences with the kids or family.  Daisy this year is having a zoo keeper for the day experience instead of a Birthday Present.  For a teenager a Cinema pass is also a good gift.  There are plenty of experiences to be had for different interests.  Also if you buy for friends kids, maybe scrap the present buying and get together for a family friends day out, as the kids will remember that so much more!


I couldn’t do a Christmas gift guide without including a book or two.  I will be doing a festive selection of kids books on my blog soon, but for now here is one festive choice and a timeless classic that would make a wonderful addition to a Children’s bookshelfchristmas book

*The night before Christmas by Clement C Moore illustrated by Roger Duvoison -Scallywag press The night before Christmas is one of our favourite festive tales and one that TeamStein Daddy reads every Christmas Eve.  An iconic edition of the classic Christmas poem by Clement C Moore. I like that this edition is long and thin to depict Santa coming down the chimney and the retro primary colour scheme for me works really well.  With the narrower design you could even pop this edition into a stocking.Heidi book with Christmas decorations

*An absolute classic retold by Jeanne Willis and illustrated by Briony May Smith.  Older children and younger ones will enjoy this much loved story of Heidi.  This book will make a perfect gift with it’s foiled cloth binding, cover and beautiful  illustrations .  This clever retelling of Heidi captures the old with the new and makes for an enchanting tale to treasure.

Thoughtful gifts for Hobbies  

swimming and Cub Scout badges
This one is more of a homemade gift but one that can be treasured.  If you have a child that has a hobby such as Cub Scouting you could  purchase a blanket and sew their badges on to it.  If swimming is there hobby then again you could sew their badges on to a new towel. Or alternatively if they have a different hobby you could make them up a memory book  with their certificates displayed in a folder like a photo album and even include some photos of them doing their hobby.  I find children really respond well to thoughtful gifts.


two children dressed in play overalls

*Kooties are made from recycled factory waste that was used to serve the medical and pharmaceutical industries worldwide, how amazing is that! These safe, fun, practical coveralls bring about fun role play whilst reducing parents washload. Read my full review here.

A Family Game

5 Second Rule- Say it out loud Jr!

a family board game pictured with Christmas decorations *Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a few family favourite games to laugh and argue over! This game is definitely one to make you chuckle.  It’s a fun fast paced game for all the family and for the kids to play by themselves.  The premise of the game is to name three things in 5 seconds and beat the timer from twisting down.  For example name three things you could find down the back of a sofa! There is guaranteed to be some silly answers that slip out and make them all roar with laughter.  With 400 questions it will keep you entertained on many a family board game night. Available on Amazon.

Thoughtful Stocking Fillers

Stockings can often be tricky to fill. I prefer not to buy too much tat these days as I know it will end up in landfill and instead try and add small toys and things that I know they will treasure or hand down.   We usually pop in a pair of festive bed socks, something smelly for the bath, small toys such as a hot wheels car, sometimes stationary, bike lights or torches and then a few other little bits.  I’m sharing some stocking ideas that we have used  in the past few years and also included some random items that often get popped in! 

Schleich Animals

a toy wolf, giraffe, bear and whale

Something for the younger ones and in fact even the teenager likes a Schleich animal if its’s a wolf!  For the past few years now the kids stockings have not been complete without their favourite animal or mammal.  Built to last and hand down we love seeing the kids making up role play scenarios with their animals.  They have even been known to take them into the bath. We love to pop in an animal such as an artic fox or reindeer to make it even more seasonal!

Lego Minifigure 

a lego minifigure

Mine treasure LEGO and so we try and pop in a figure that is either festive or one that they would really appreciate.  We usually pick up specific figures from Ebay sellers selling real LEGO.


This may sound very random but Daisy has always liked plasters and loves to get some novelty ones in her stocking.  This year I will make a switch to these aloe vera Patch organic strip plasters.  They are made from bamboo, are hypoallergenic and breathable.  You can get some really cute Panda designed ones.

plasters, turtle bag and a stainless steel pot


Stainless steel snack pot.  This cute little stainless steel snack pot would be a great eco friendly swap and a great addition to a stocking filled with chocolates or sweets. You can then use the snack pot for many years to come.


a stuffed toy whale and stuffed reindeerMine just love a teddy and so to receive a mini jellycat penguin or reindeer or any other jellycat in their stocking will always brings a smile to them.

bamboo toothbrushes laid on moss

*Bamboo Toothbrush

We usually pop a new toothbrush in their stocking and this year a bamboo one would be our eco-friendly swap.  We have been using bamboo toothbrushes this year and you can find our review here.

Thank you for reading my thoughtful Christmas gift guide and I do hope that it’s given you some inspiration for Christmas 2019.  Please do share with me which gifts have caught your eye and also what your own favourite thoughtful Christmas gifts ideas are.  All that is left for me to say now is have a very Merry Christmas!

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  1. Those Bee Box kits are so lovely! Fab that they’re made right here in Yorkshire too!

  2. Sarah Potter says:

    Oooh there’s loads of fab ideas on here. I’m going to give the 5 second rule game a go. We’re having a big family new year so hopefully someone will get it for Christmas and we can play it at new year! 🎄 🎁

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    Love the tie dye kit – my 8 year old would love that! #DreamTeam

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