Tie Dye Kit UK – DIPIDI DO DYE Review

December 10, 2020
Mum and daughter in tie dye kit U.K. Grinch designs

This year one of our favourite crafts for my 11 year old has definitely been tie dying. Daisy has dyed several tops, socks and underwear for us all! We were lucky enough to be asked by Dipidi do dye to review their UK tie dye kit. We were even more delighted to be asked when we realised it would be a Mini me Christmas kit, meaning we both got to get creative together.

Dipidi do dye offer a range of classic tie dye kits with T-shirts, hoods and Nike sock kits available for adults, kids and their mini me sets. As it’s the run up to Christmas we had the choice between the Grinch or Olaf.

The tie dye kit comes with everything you need and is very nicely packaged. In our Mummy and Me festive kit we each got a T-shirt in our size, our own labelled dye bottles, Grinch transfers, rubber bands, protective plastic gloves, apron, tablecloth and clear instructions and illustrations.

How to Use the Tie Dye Kit

The tie dye bottles are already made up and you just simply fill to the measured line. Give them a shake with the cap still on!

We loved that this kit comes with a sheet with several different tie dye styles and several techniques that we haven’t seen before. We picked a spiral and a double spiral design. We wet our T-shirts first, wrung them out and then followed the easy instructions to place the rubber bands on.

Tie dye technique drawings

Shake your dye bottles again and then remove the cap. Squeeze the dye onto the sections of your T-shirt following the technique from the instructions supplied.

Pop the garment into a plastic bag and leave overnight. Once the dye has soaked in you run them under the tap until the dye runs clear. Then place them in the washing machine on a quick wash. We washed each one separately so the designs didn’t run into each other. Once washed dry them in the tumble drier or airer and once dry they are ready for the transfers supplied.

Grinch transfers on tie dye top

We followed the instructions and ironed the transfers to the T-shirt. I was worried that this bit would be a bit faffy but turned out that they ironed on really easily.

I would recommend that after wearing maybe iron the transfer one more time to ensure it’s on properly before washing again just to make sure all the transfers are on securely. You could even wash the T-shirts inside a laundry bag or pillowcase to keep the transfers protected.

A young girl by ironing board with her tie dye top

We were really pleased with how our T-shirts turned out and absolutely loved having time together with this great UK Tye die kit. I think look to use Dipidi do dye kits would also make great gifts for tweens and teens.

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