We survived the Week!

March 1, 2018

Living Arrows 2018 (9/53)

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”. Kahlil Gibran

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you celebrate the fact that you’ve all managed to survive the week? Well last week was one of those weeks!

I know I have been moaning a little recently due to a long Winter and endless germs,  I’m sorry to say this week I can’t avoid discussing that subject again!  We haven’t had a season like this in years, whether it’s just one of those years or the fact that we have moved areas and are now susceptible to new germs, who knows!   I was unlucky enough to get a chest infection whilst flying solo at home with the kids and felt pretty rotten.  Teddy had suspected Chicken pox and so was off nursery, and lastly little Flo was down with a temperature and full of cold.  We still don’t know if it was chicken pox- myself and nursery think yes, but the doctor wouldn’t confirm.  Maybe it was just a mild dose and the spots, although very red and lasted a while, weren’t itchy.  At least little man was cheerful and didn’t suffer with them.  Once my antibiotics kicked in I convinced the family to get outside into the cold sunny garden, and start clearing all the dead branches away and start making more of our new garden.  The two eldest loved helping and enjoyed having a little bonfire with all the wood, and Finlay threw himself into chopping wood like a mini Bear Grylls.

My photo taking was kept to a minimum last week and so these are pretty much all I have of the week. As I’m writing this the snow is falling and I’m spoilt for choice with my many snowy pics of the children!

2 responses to “We survived the Week!”

  1. yes!! All the time. I am so tempted to put on my weekly report for work under what I am most proud of!! Lol. Sounds like you have all been under the weather. I hope that you have all had a better week x #LivingArrows

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