20 things you should know about spending time with a Toddler.

June 11, 2019

A little boy with his hands over his eyes
Florence (my fourth) has been a lively, fun loving and sweet natured baby and toddler, however there are days where we just can’t escape the toddler dramas.   With four you may think that we would be experts in parenting and that we should be able to handle the toddler phase without breaking too much of a sweat.  I will let you into a secret, we’re really not! We still now find with our two year old that we are easily manipulated and swayed by her demands, she quite often gives us both the runaround and we can’t help but realise we have another mini dictator in the making.   So I thought it would be fun to share a typical diva day with our toddler and hopefully share some toddler parenting solidarity.

  1. 6am (sometimes earlier)  Our miniature human alarm call begins – We start the day gently stirring to the lovely sound of chubby toes running from her toddler bed into our room.  Then comes the lovely sloppy kisses and vice like neck hug and the saggy (hopefully just wee filled) nappy bum that enthusiastically lands on our bed and then perches on my head, my bladder or hops enthusiastically from one to another.a toddler girl hugging a cuddly toy fox and bunny
  2. 6.05am The Morning mood – The mood for the morning is quite easily an early insight to the rest of your day.  We can either have wailing for no known reason, slapping us in anger and shouting for breakfast or she can be so happy and bouncy I  wonder if she’s already been secretly fed M&Ms by her siblings.
  3. 6.10am The negotiations – Here comes the start of the daily demands; in our house it’s watching the famous pink pig from one of our phones placed on our bedside tables.  My husband and I are in competition to become the fastest finger first for an app and can easily locate an episode with just half an eye open.  We have also come accustomed to being able to doze through the sound of Daddy and Mummy pig snorting until our alarm clock tells us it’s really time to get up and we are able to give ourselves that extra precious 10 minutes of snoozing.
  4. 6.30am Breakfast Choices – Trying to stay one step ahead is crucial at this point, as my caffeine intake hasn’t started yet.  So being savvy I ask my toddler to chose which colour bowl, cup and plate she is having.  Stupidly I offer a choice of cereal of which you can guarantee that the toddler who chose Weetabix all of a sudden insists it should be porridge and only Mummy’s porridge will do.  From experience it’s good to try and confirm this breakfast choice at least 3 times, as Weetabix on carpet is like glue and that bowl when dropped always lands upside down or on my pjs.
  5. 6.45am Musical Chairs – The highchair needs to be next to her sister today and yesterday was next to her brother. Oh no Daddy has arrived at the table so she’s out of the highchair and proudly now sitting in a chair next to Daddy instead.  So once we have all moved around the table and someone has spilt their milk whilst juggling the chairs, they all disperse leaving me to clear up and make that already much needed coffee.
  6. 7.15am Morning Aerobics Commences – Please note that this part of the routine requires a full cup of coffee.  So once I have dashed around the coffee table and pulled the cat-crawling toddler from the back of the sofa twice it’s then time for me to crawl on all fours whilst growling and chase her up the stairs to get her to comply with the next part of the dressing routine….  After another circuit upstairs we accomplish a clean bum and then we’re just about ready for a try on the potty. She climbs swiftly away from me onto her brothers cabin bed and proudly announces she’s done a wee wee.  Nappy back on and one stripped duvet later, she’s ready for dressing.
  7. 7.20am Getting dressed – Shorts with dresses, Peppa pjs instead of shorts, or that top not to your taste that you pushed to the back of the drawer so she wouldn’t spot it….  You get my drift.
  8. 7.40am Teeth – Those lovely little teethy peggies that she spent 2 years perfecting are now sacred and can’t be shown to me when I head towards her armed with a toothbrush.  She’s determined to not open her mouth, despite various distracting tactics and 2 renditions of ‘this is the way we brush our teeth’. I have to threaten her with the dentist coming around to talk to her.  I know, I know not the best parenting move as this will really pay off when I next visit the said dentist and she will be too scared to see her.
  9. 8.20am Back to point 6 – Another aerobic dash around the house to get socks and shoes on and maybe even the clothes back on that they have started to take back off again. We’re now ready for the school run!
  10. . 8.30am School run dilemmas – “I can get in myself and I can do my own straps”, “I want to sit over there” and “I want to drive myself” is the topic of conversation all the way to school.  Some days I’m on the ball and I locate a small object of interest to her and perfect the transfer from car seat to pushchair both ways, thus arriving at school in a serene state with my wonderfully compliant children!a toddler sat in a cafe posing for a picture with her hands on her chin smiling
  11. 9am Phew, time to take a breather! – In between school runs we get to chill out and appreciate each other here and there. We spend quality time together, watch CBeebies and have a snuggle and take part in numerous toddler activities.  I look at her fondly and she tells me she ‘lubs me’ and I get umpteen of the best sloppy kisses.
  12.  11.30am The 1st Witching Hour – The signs of tiredness kick in, it’s too late for another snack so we go for an early lunch. After she’s eaten, she livens up and wants to play in the garden and waves at me enthusiastically from the sand pit gleefully.  Then all of a sudden there is a shift in mood and a glint in her eye and a diva appears from out of no where, the only warning chubby hands full of sand landing on my lap.  Then out of the blue everything is ‘no’.  Its clear she’s ready for that sacred nap hour.
  13. 1pm – 2.15pm Naptime – She’s beyond ready for a good hour-long power nap after the messy play, baking, Happy Land, sand pit time and every Duplo brick out across the carpet.  I’m also very ready for a tidy up and a sit down with a cuppa.  Florence, aka Goldilocks has other ideas.  When the cot bars were removed the upstairs bedtime nap was removed, too wise to get in that pram and go around the block, the sofa is too lumpy and every 5 minutes she has a quick sofa jump to wake her back up again.  I give up as she has now found her sister’s recorder and is playing a wonderful noise in my ear whilst I sip my pre school run coffee.  I relent and we snuggle down to 10 minutes of Mr Tumble before the school run dash.A toddler sleeping outside in a baby carrier
  14. . 2.45pm DANGER NAP- She’s asleep!  I enjoy a peaceful few minutes wait in the playground and pick up her siblings.  She doesn’t wake despite the playground noise and continues to snore on after being transferred from pushchair to car seat for home.
  15. 3.35pm The beast is awake!  She’s on the war path, she’s woken up on the wrong side of the car and we’re all gonna pay.  She wants snacks, cuddles and no siblings messing with her. I present her with breadsticks and snacks to enable dinner making and her siblings want me, snacks and lots of answers to questions over the toddler wailing.
  16. 4.30pm I make dinner whilst carrying said toddler around the kitchen on my hip.  Gently placing her down with a cheerful voice to try and make dinner, only to be greeted with what sounds like the smoke alarm going off and demands of ‘Mummy sit with me’.a grumpy looking child
  17. 5pm Dinner Time  – Her favourite pasta dish. She’s apparently not hungry and that little 4pm snack comes round biting me on the bum.  After lots of co-ercing, aeroplanes, and one spoonful for Your favourite person or animal game she eats just a few measly spoonfuls.
  18. 6pm Husband arrives home – Florence runs to him refreshed and refuelled beaming and twirling beautifully and energetically.  He remarks on what a wonderful mood she is in, I resemble a deranged cavewoman.A child playing with a fairy garden and smiling sweetly
  19. 6.15pm Bedtime routine – We walk her around the block 3 times bounce her on the trampoline for 10 minutes give her the splashiest, happiest bath time, read her 10 stories and she’s wide awake. 7pm- She has milk and and we say our goodnights and then before we tiptoe out and the wailing starts she announces she now wants to eat her favourite pasta as she is hungry. 7.30pm Out of desperation we present her with more milk and a bedtime banana, re brush those teeth and go to tiptoe out, she of course then needs a drink of water, more cuddles, 10 kisses, a wee wee, a clean nappy and another story. She spots the one who’s looking the most bedraggled and exhausted and pleads with them to ‘sit with me more’. One of us sits in the darkened room quietly whilst the other paces the corridors shushing even louder than any of the other children who dares to make a noise.
  20. 8pm It’s now been quiet for 20 minutes I, tiptoe up to check if husband is now asleep with her.  I rescue him and we both head downstairs and then of course we spend the next half hour re-telling each other stories of how adorable she is and all those funny moments of the day, ahhing as we look fondly at her adorable pictures from her earlier activities of the day and remark on how wonderful and funny she is. Meanwhile I sit there and feel bad for any moanings or cross words I have shared with the little monkey, just standard mum-guilt practice. We then start to nod off and decide an early night is for the best. And then wait for it, a pitter patter of feet and she peers round the door…..A girl dressed as a superhero with cape and mask

I hope on a day where your toddler is ruling the roost that this gives you something to smile at, and realise that you’re not alone.  There are days where we are run ragged and we do give into demands for a quiet life.  There are days where you wish for a few hours peace.  I know despite all these demands, negotiations and Mummy moanings we really wouldn’t swap them for the world as they are simply perfect, perfectly exhausting but perfect all the same.

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14 responses to “20 things you should know about spending time with a Toddler.”

  1. I am so glad that my toddler days are welll and truely over as my kids are 11, 20 and 21. Saying that though, I am going to be a nana in August so I guess it will all be starting again, but at least I can give the granchild back at the end of the day! #DreamTeam

  2. Jodie says:

    My toddler is 1 not yet walking but definitely rules the roost he is a very headstrong child we are proud of him, but God he is tiring and demanding and don’t even get me started on, when he is tired

  3. Helen says:

    I’m not sure if it’s reassuring or depressing that even after four children two-year olds are still impossible! 😅 #itsok

  4. Helen Copson says:

    I love this so much, so many of them made me laugh. My twins turned two this week and I’m already seeing signs of the terrible twos. I definitely think threenager is worse but I’d forgotten all about the constant running away from happy changes/getting dressed etc. And being slapped in the face! Thanks for linking up! #ItsOK

  5. This post is spot on, loved it! Took me back to those toddler days – such a mixed bag of emotions (for both toddler and mama!) Thanks for linking up with us at #itsok

  6. I have a 3 year old: he and my daughter never had naps after 13 months! My eldest lulled me into a false sense of security that I would actually get time to myself! Thanks for linking up with #stayclassymama

    • teamsteinblog says:

      Gosh I would have been crying if she had stopped napping then 🤣 Snatched moments are hard to find parenting any age x

  7. Kylie says:

    I love 18!!! this really made me laugh (I’m sorry) but it’s written so well! I have been craving another baby, but this does bring back some memories like the early alarm and the danger nap. Still how totally gorgeous! #ABloggingGoodTime

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