Autumn Bucket List

September 18, 2019

Autumn bucket list graphicThese beautiful sunny September days with their cool crisp hazy starts progressing into warm days and leaving us with that chilly nip in the evenings are getting me oh so excited for the Autumn days ahead.   You can see that the last warm rays of summer sun are beginning to turn the leaves golden and the kids are starting to discuss Halloween and asking me when its time to move to having our Autumn picnics of soup, hot chocolate and hot dogs.  I wrote up our top 10 things to do last Autumn, but I couldn’t help but celebrate possibly my favourite season (I say this about all our wonderful seasons in the UK) without acknowledging another Autumnal list of things we would like to do.

Decorate and Hygge your home – Fill your home with Autumnal decoration.  I like to sneak in real munchkin pumpkins on shelves, fabric pumpkins, cozy candles, twinkly fairy lights and Autumn garlands.  See my previous post here for easy ideas.

Make a cosy Reading Nook Use a teepee, small tent or simply pop up a homemade den with a sheet or some cushions in the corner of a room and cozy it up with some Autumnal reading books.  We have a few Autumnal reading book favourites from last year – watch this space for some new ones coming to my blog soon.

Tractor RideThis one is a bit trickier but look into local farms near you that could be holding a pumpkin event where the children get to ride on a tractor too.  It will give you the opportunity to teach them a little about harvest time.

Autumn Picnic – This has become an Autumn Winter tradition for us!  We have several Autumn picnic ideas that we have for feeding a family on the go, at a playground or visiting a local attraction. Picnics aren’t just for the better weather, if you’re wrapped up well an Autumn picnic with warm food and a hot chocolate can really warm you up. Coming soon is my Autumn/Winter Picnic Ideas 

Visit a Corn Maze – Again this is dependent on your local area but lots of farms and attractions have been busy growing corn mazes over the summer so look out for a local one near you.  Here is a handy Maze association website that lets you know what maze is located near you.

Bake a Ginger Cake – We’re big fans of cake in our house and one cake that we love at this time of year and is perfect for an Autumn picnic is my Quick and Easy Maple Ginger Loaf Cake

Autumn collecting / Sensory Tuff Tray – My little ones and even the bigger ones love collecting conkers to put around the house to ward off any spiders, collecting acorns, interesting leaves, twigs and signs of Autumn.  Make up an Autumn sensory tuff tray indoors or outdoors to house their collections.

Autumn Activity Trail – Most National Trust properties, parklands and other attractions have Autumn themed trails to complete around half term holidays. They can often be free or really reasonably priced.  Or check out the woodland trusts to see if there are any themed trails such as the Gruffalo Trail near you. If you’re trying to be really frugal or have nothing nearby then simply visit Pinterest for Autumn Scavenger Hunts that you can download to go on your own Autumn hunt around your neighbourhood. I will include my Pinterest board at the bottom of this post which includes some scavenger hunts.

Squash or Pumpkin Soup – I have been serving this soup to my family for years now and they really have grown to absolutely love it, even more than the famous tinned tomato variety and that is a big compliment as that is also a firm favourite soup!  Here is my recipe  with a fun video of me and my baby!

Feed the Birds and Squirrels – We have made a few different types of feeders with our kids but I have some new ones to try out this Autumn over on my Pinterest board. Always a favourite, a quick and simple one is with a pinecone. 

Roast Marshmallows and drink Hot Chocolate under the Stars – Roast mallows or make some smores over a fire pit whilst having a hot chocolate and check out the Autumn sky at night.  Perfect at this time of year as littles don’t have to stay up too late to see the stars and it’s not too cold for everyone.  It’s a perfect weekend or half term treat and especially around bonfire night, or perfect activity to swap to if you have little ones that don’t like the noises or crowds of a fireworks display.

Stomp in Leaves and then get Creative – Always one to incorporate an activity with being outdoors!  Go for a leaf play and stomp and bring some home and get crafty.  We have a few leaf crafts to do this year, such as leaf lanterns with empty jars and leaf art or some simple Autumnal painting 

Harry Potter Movie Night – This time of year on a rainy weekend when you’re all a bit tired settle down and cozy up with a Harry Potter movie.  For smaller ones, one of our favourites is Room on the Broom based on the Julia Donaldson story.

I have popped on here my Autumn/Fall Inspiration Board on Pinterest, as well as my Autumn Activities in a handy graphic for you to pin to your own boards.  All that is left for me to say is have a wonderful Autumn time.

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4 responses to “Autumn Bucket List”

  1. Rachael Rogers says:

    This has got me super excited for the lovely Autumn season. You just can’t beat it! Thank you x

  2. What a gorgeous bucket list for October. It’s such a fun month isn’t it. I can’t wait to get stuck into some makes and bakes. Thank you for joining us for the #DreamTeam xx

  3. sam says:

    Lovely list to enjoy the autumn months X #dreamteam

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